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Derma-Rolling : A No-Brainer for a Youthful Look



Finally….the first Anti-Aging post on



It’s about time right?


Well here it is.


Anti-Aging and keeping my face and body in as youthful condition as possible has been a keen interest of mine for as long as I can remember. I have tried soooooooo many different creams, serums, tools, devices, injectables and spent a small fortune trying to find out:


  • what actually works and provides tangible results?
  • what is worth the money
  • what’s the best bang for your buck?


My first anti aging post would not be complete without including one of my GREATEST secrets to prolonging a youthful look, and looking a HELL of a lot younger than I actually am. This device also meets ALL THREE of the above criteria.

I introduce to you….




For those of you who don’t know what a derma roller is, it’s a handheld device with hundreds of micro needles on it that you roll over the skin of your face, neck, scalp and stretch marks to create micro damage.


This is how and WHY it works:



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So by derma rolling our skin, we create micro damage. The body senses this damage and kickstarts it’s natural healing response to the damaged area. This response rushes copious amounts of collagen, healing enzymes, proteins amongst others to accelerate the healing of the micro damaged skin. The principle is loosely based upon the Fraxel laser principle where only parts of the treated skin is damaged and not the whole surface area. The theory is that the whole area is enhanced by the infusion of bodily healing substances, and is healed faster because only parts of the skin and not the whole skin surface was damaged. WIN-WIN.


This results in:

  • fine line reduction
  • reduction in deeper facial lines
  • Reduction in Acne scarring
  • smoother skin texture
  • reduced pore size
  • more even skin tone
  • reduction in hyper-pigmentation


Another GIANT bonus to using a derma roller is that it increases the absorption of any substance you put on it for up to 24 hrs! That means if you have a high end anti-aging cream with all the bell and whistle ingredients, they will SURELY be put to good use if applied after derma rolling your skin.


Sounds too good to be true….what’s the catch?


There is no catch…unless you can’t handle a little bit of discomfort while derma rolling. I’m not gonna lie, it IS UNCOMFORTABLE. There is a little bit of pain involved. It’s nothing major, but especially when the roller is brand new and those needles are nice and sharp, it certainly stings a bit while rolling any skin area. It can also cause the area to feel like it’s sunburned for the next day or two and is a bit sensitive to sunlight and to the touch.


But to me, the pain is WELL worth the outcome. I owe A LOT of how young I look today to enduring the little bit of pain that derma rolling has caused me over the years. It has been worth every bit of stinging I have experienced from it, hands down, no question!


I will continue to derma roll for the rest of my life.

That’s how much I believe in it.

That’s how much I know it works.




I’ve been using a derma roller consistently for the last 10 years. There’s not many products I can say I have used consistently for a decade. Shampoos change, conditioners change, cars change, socks change, undergarments change, style of clothes change, even attitudes change. But one thing that hasn’t changed is my loyalty to my derma rolling and skin care regimen.



Because it WORKS!!!

I wouldn’t be able to do half the things I do if it wasn’t for my Anti-Aging skin care regimen.

I can do things that guys 10 years younger than me WISH they could do.

The young girls are still interested.


Because I don’t look like their father, even though I could be.

Believe me when I tell you, it’s been worth EVERY effort I’ve put into remaining youthful.


I’m working on putting together a skin care regimen/skin care line that is modelled after what I’ve been doing for the last 10 years that has kept me young and attractive to young adult females. It will include dummy-proof, step by step instructions along with the products to keep you in mint condition for as long as you use the products.


It will be worth it’s WEIGHT IN GOLD and worth EVERY PENNY!


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You will look back upon that day as being one of the best days of your life!

Because it changed your destiny for the better that day.

You can thank me then.


Until that time

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