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Body of a Spartan Log: Week 2 complete



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Body of a Spartan Log: Week 2


Week 2 stats:

Week 1 weight:   208.6 lbs

Week 2 weight:  210.2  lbs


Well, not only did my weight go up a bit this week, but the body fat readout on the Tanita TBF-410 showed an increase in body fat from 10.7% to 10.9%. I’ve got to be honest, this week diet wise was a bit of a struggle.


Week 2 thoughts



This week, I had a little more of an issue keeping to my caloric deficit. I felt a hell of a lot more hungry this week for some reason. I’m not sure if it’s all the squats that Body of a Spartan has got me doing or the Red Supplements PCT or what the change is. But foooooooook me I’ve been sooooo hungry this week!

There were only three days where I was able to follow the reduced meal frequency to a tee, and four days where again I needed to add another meal in the morning due to extreme hunger. I was hoping that I could improve a bit on being able to not eat as frequently but daayyyyum….I’ve been having a hard time.

BOTH reducing my meal frequency as per the program and keeping my calories in deficit territory have been a struggle, and I have a feeling that’s the reason why the weight went up a bit this week.




On the bright side………I’m still like a bad McDonalds commercial on this one…… “I’m loving it!!”


It hasn’t been since I was just a wet behind the ears, gym newb many moons ago that I have actually looked forward this much to the squat rack! I’ve really got to hand it to the program in that regard. It has really re-juvenated my workouts and it has been fun pushing myself everyday to higher weights and new personal bests! This has been the part of the program I have really grown to love.



Wrap up


Before starting this program, I didn’t realize how complacent my workouts had become. Comparatively, I was merely showing up to the gym. Just doing the usual suspects. Going through the motions. Not really pushing myself or have any real goal in mind. It’s funny how one can get caught into a routine and be satisfied with just showing up. I too realized that I had fallen victim to this complacency.


That is NOT how you build the physique of a champion.

That is NOT how you build the physique of a Spartan.

You need desire. You need goals. You need discipline. You need focus.


I can thank Body of a Spartan for snapping me back into reality and out of the realm of ‘average‘ and complacency.


Thank you BOAS


Until next time