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Body of a Spartan Log: Day 1


Get Body of a Spartan here


Body of a Spartan Log: Day 1


Starting stats:

Weight: 205.5 lbs

Lean Body Mass: 178.0 lbs

Fat mass: 19.6lbs

Body Fat: 9.9 %

Caloric deficit from maintenance per day: For week 1 will be between 500-700 cals.



Fat Burner:                        Red supplements – Red Burner 2 caps in the morning. Get Red Burner here

Testosterone booster:    Red supplements – Red PCT 1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule pre-workout.

Get Red PCT here

Whey protein:                  Mutant Iso-Surge as needed to meet macros.


And it begins…


Today was day 1 of the Body of a Spartan program and I was sooooo excited to get started! The plan is to go for 8 weeks and see how shredded I can get.

As promised, here are some before pics to reference all aesthetic changes I will go through from completing the program.  All pics were taken in a non-pumped and natural state.





I tried to get some pics in different lighting throughout the day to provide some different contexts. The top two pics are before I went into the tanning bed in the afternoon, one in the morning just after a shower (with the jeans on), and one later that evening after I changed for the first workout session (plaid trunks).

As you can see, 9.9% body fat is a decent percentage to walk around at for a year round look , but it’s nowhere near ready for an impressive fitness shoot. With a good photographer and professional lighting, decent shots could be produced, but I would expect to be in much better condition for any serious shoot I have. Without any shoots recently, I’ve definitely slacked off a bit.

But now it’s GO TIME!!


Day one thoughts



The hardest part I found on day one was adjusting to the change-up in meal frequency. Victor prescribes eating fewer meals a day with high calories and I found that my body was not used to this new schedule and I did get hungry. But as any elite body sculptor knows, feeling hungry is a necessity when dieting, and is part of the discipline required to acquire an elite physique. You gotta train yourself to learn to ‘Love the PAIN‘!



This part was AWESOME! It is TOTALLY different from how I’m used to training and very unconventional. I have not tried any programs who used this unique style of reps in training. Let’s just say you go HEAVY to start the workout. Then he gets you to progress to more ‘pump-based‘ supplemental exercises.

Let me tell you, I was sweating pretty well by the end of the heavy portion and was drenched with sweat by the end of the pump-based exercises! With little rest between sets you really get that heart rate up and keep that breathing nice and heavy! I love it!




It was a successful first day on the Body of a Spartan program. The taking the Red Burner in the morning really helped kickstart the day and gave me some nice focussed energy.  Although I was a bit hungry during the day, I was totally satiated after my post workout meal and felt no urge to snack later that night. My caloric deficit ended up being 700 cals.

That wasn’t so hard hahaha.

But with my mindset now exactly where it should be, I am chomping at the bit to get back to the gym and get that ‘shoot‘ ready body again. If the first days heart pumping, sweat-filled workout is any indication, this program should deliver the goods I’m after.


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