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Review: Nutrabolics Supernova Pre-workout

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Those who know me, know that I’m a caffeine junky.



I love the shit. Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Second Cup, Xyience Cran-Razz energy drinks are pretty much a staple of my day to day existence. I have used and abused caffeine like no other substance I have ever come across…except maybe Tobasco sauce.


I’ve dug myself such a gigantic, cavernous stimulant hole that I pretty much require caffeine just to feel normal. I can take 24mg of ephedrine right before bed and still sleep like a baby. Not something I’m overly proud of.


Because my stimulant intake is already high, it takes pretty much superhuman amounts of ‘stims’ to have any sort of ‘extra‘ kick at all for me. Stimulatory ingredients are far down the list for things I look for in a pre-workout supplement. Nonetheless, if the ingredients in the supplement provide that extra kick, then bonus.


What I Look For:


I place a high value on the quality of my workouts not just the quantity. So I look for 2 major criteria when selecting a pre-workout supplement:

  1. Mental focus/concentration-  Getting to the gym with the MIND/MUSCLE connection already dialled in. I really want to be connected to my body, focus on squeezing reps, having good form, overcoming pain and trying to not let the sexy gym bunnies take my focus away from the task at hand *easier said than done* haha. If you’re not really ‘feeling it’ that day, chances are you’re not going to have a good quality workout. So having a supplement that can take you from ‘ugggghhh I gotta work out again today’ to, ‘fuck yeah I’m gonna DESTROY that iron’ is a valuable tool in the physique builders tool-belt.
  2.  Muscle fullness/pump-  I’m not convinced that ‘getting your pump on’ DIRECTLY contributes to muscle growth, but foooooooook me… does it ever increase the quality of my workouts big time! The satisfaction factor I get from feeling so hard and full is difficult to put a price tag on. For me it adds value to the quality of workout in two ways. One, the aesthetics of looking so swole, with veins popping out in places where there usually are no veins. Two, the mental aspect of not wanting to leave the gym because you look so damn good! It encourages you to work out longer and harder with more intensity. I suspect, that this is a big component as to why getting the ‘pump‘ factor from a supplement can increase performance/gains.


So when I went to my friendly neighborhood supplement dealer looking for a new pre-workout supplement, I requested a product that met this criteria. My supplement dealer delivered in a BIG way recommending Nutrabolics Supernova! When I finally tried it, it exceeded my expectations and MORE!


KEY Ingredients:


For Muscle fullness/Pump


          1) Citrulline – It has a whopping 6g of citrulline per serving!!! I am a huge citrulline fan was stoked to find a pre-workout with such a large dose per serving. Citrulline is a MUST for me in any pre-workout due to it’s propensity to dilate the blood vessels via increasing Nitric oxide.

          2) Beta-Alanine. This is the bad boy backed by science that enables you to workout harder and longer. It increases carnosine levels in your body which soak up the extra Hydrogen ions created during exercise keeping your body ph up. This results in not feeling the burn as fast and being able to squeeze out more reps before true muscle failure. This is also the ingredient that can cause that tingling/skin crawling feeling when ingested.

          3) 4:1 Cacao extract – It also contains 4:1 cacao extract which is also a proven vasodilator and contains theobromine and a small amount of caffeine. Theobromine has historically been used to treat high blood pressure via vasodilation and also doubles as a stimulant.


For Mental Focus/Concentration


          1) Dendrobium – This one is kind of a tweener, and that’s kind of why I like it. Nutrabolics markets this as a stimulant in Supernova’s pre-workout ads. But from my experiences with it, it seems to work more on the nootropic/mind focus side of things. It’s provided me with a noticeable form of clean focus and metal clarity/energy. I would describe this as increasing that Mind-Muscle connection.

          2) Theanine – Theanine is an interesting compound. It gives energy without overstimulation, calms without drowsiness and focuses without sketchiness. Seems like a cool addition to the stack. This helps take the edge of the mixture of stims in this blend, providing zen-like focus without feeling like a ‘meth-head’.

          3) Huperzine – Is known to increase acetylcholine levels. Increased cholinergenic activity is associated with increased cognitive function such as working memory capacity, the ability to adapt, learn and store new information. I’m unsure of how this may benefit workout focus, as it seems more geared toward tasks such as reading, studying and learning. Nevertheless I’m ready to give it a try!


Bonus: Stimulation

Caffeine – 200mg pretty standard dose per serving

Synephrine – From bitter orange, used as an ephedra alternative with similar effects




Nutrabolics Supernova exceeded my expectations in ALL areas. I had the Iced Raspberry flavour and I can honestly say it was the best tasting pre- workout I’ve ever had! I love a tangy, sweet/sour sort of flavour and man….Nutrabolics hit it out of the park for me! I actually crave the taste this shit! It’s like Kool-aid on steroids and I wish I could drink it all the time.

I took a scoop and a half 30mins before my workout on a near empty stomach, and I could feel the beta-alanine tingling within minutes. By the time I got to the gym I was feeling exactly the way I want to feel before a workout: sniper-like focus, ready to endure/overcome pain and a feeling of mindful connectedness to my body. I was in a state where I noticed the hotties at the gym, but I was able to allow them to motivate me as opposed to distract me from my workout. It was literally the perfect state of mind for a high quality workout.

And then there was the pump!!! My god….the pump! After warming up my shoulders, the blood was already flowing. I could see the veins starting to pop and my muscles becoming fuller by the minute. As expected, as the workout progressed, the pump got more intense. More fullness, more veins and more staring in awe in the mirror of how swole I looked! I can honestly say it was the best pump I have ever experienced from a pre-workout supplement. Nice work Nutrabolics!

And the coolest thing was, I did feel a little extra energy kick from the stimulants in it. I wasn’t like a 5 yr old who had just eaten half a bag of Halloween candy or a meth-head tweaking from a couple hits from the glass bulb. It was more like a nice clean focused energy with a mild happiness/euphoria. I happy to be at the gym, but I was also ready to kick ass! And kick ass I did!! And no stimmy crash afterward, just a gentle letdown. Perfection!

After using it for a couple weeks, I tried a few workouts without it. Instead just slamming an energy drink for a pre-workout. The difference was night and day. I did have my natural focus and mindset, but it wasn’t anything near the enhanced awareness and connection I had with my body using the Supernova. The pump was very ‘normal‘ as expected from not taking any enhancers. The bunnies still looked good, and they certainly distracted me a bit more. Overall, there was much left to be desired from working out not using the supplement.

I’m a huge fan of Nutrabolics Supernova and would never recommend something that I didn’t try myself and know works well. This supplement WILL help you get the most out of your workouts by focusing you, pumping you and yes…..even stimulating you.

I encourage you to give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below.


Yours Truly




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    • Glad you like it too! I did try C4 prior to using Supernova, as it was on for a good price at Popeye’s. I found it to be ok, but not nearly as good as Supernova!

      Power on Sarah!!