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If You Dream It You Can Conceive It


DreamScore Lifestyle is an ongoing behind the scenes look at the most effective methods I have found to create the absolute “Best version of yourself”. The focus of this site is on FOUR main areas:

  • Physical Training – Sculpting the Body of your Dreams
  • Healthy Lifestyle Eating – The Powerful foundation on which the body is built
  • Anti-Aging/Skin Care – Looking MUCH younger than one’s chronological age
  • Mindset – Control of Emotional state and the Powerful Force that Drives you toward Success

Through years of trial and error, research and implementation, success and failures of methods, techniques and products, the goal of this site is to share with you EVERYTHING I have learned, will learn, implemented and will implement to help anyone SCORE the absolute best BODYMIND and SOUL of their DREAMS!!

Yours Truly



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Build the Body of a Statue: BE ABNORMAL definition:


1. not normal, average, typical or usual; deviating from a standard


I have always been intrigued by the abnormal.


What made Michael Jackson such an icon? What made Vincent Van Gogh such marvel? When I started noticing girls, I wondered, “What made girls treat some guys more favorably than others?”. Then I became aware of how celebrities, professional athletes and government officials were given certain advantages and were treated differently than the average person.  Even something as simple as people watching my band play and liking my music, I noticed that people treated me differently. All of these people had one thing in common…they were ABNORMAL. They had traits or skills that were not typical of the norm.


They were treated advantageously because others had noticed something abnormally remarkable about them.


I didn’t want to be average. I did not want to be a wallflower. I did not want to “blend-in” with the crowd. I wanted to be treated “differently“. I wanted to experience what I had witnessed so many times before. This became something that resonated within me and I became convinced to accept and embrace abnormal as a positive. This was my new modus operandi, my new way of doing things.


So I made a conscious decision to make it a priority to BE ABNORMAL. I would do whatever it took, find the methods, find the means find the will to never be average, never “blend- in” with the crowd, and never settle for anything less than greater than the mean in anything I truly cared about.


For you, if you truly want to start shifting the momentum towards changing your life for the better, and building the Body of your dreams, one of the ways is for you to make a conscious decision to adopt and implement the philosophy of being abnormal. To accept the fact that being abnormal is positive. That being abnormal is not a fad or a trend. It is who you are. It is a Lifestyle. It is the mental Law upon which you now govern yourself and all future actions under.

The goal for you is to literally wipe out the hard drive of your mind, erase the old, outdated operating system and re-program it with the software (ABNORMAL version 2.0) that will change your daily habits, change your behaviour and drive you like a Rabid, Ravenous Beast to obtaining all that you truly desire.


This may be scary at first as there will be a lot to think about once you accept this philosophy as your own.

What will your friends and family think? What will your significant other think? Will they judge me for not engaging in some of the same activities that I had before? Will we still be as close?

Maybe your friends like to go out and get shit-faced every weekend. You don’t want to miss out on the fun. You enjoy letting loose every now and then. Everyone is always saying, “What’s the point of living if you can’t let your hair down a little bit?”


These are all very natural thought processes when a major internal paradigm shift is being contemplated. While I’m a big proponent of letting your hair down a bit (getting shit-faced at the clubs, having cheat meals, going on vacation, etc), if you really WANT something, there will be sacrifices involved. The great thing is, they cease to become sacrifices at all once you dial in your mindset. They become who you are. They become your lifestyle. They become a point of disgust because they provide road blocks to your ultimate goal.


You cannot expect to have the body of a God by eating normally, training normally, and thinking normally.  You have to be ABNORMAL.  You have to embrace abnormality. You have to make it your best friend.  It is now the new way you operate.


Immerse yourself in Abnormality.

Stray from the usual.

Deviate from the standard.

Take pride in not being average.



Yours Truly