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Body of a Spartan Log: Week 4 complete


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Body of a Spartan Log: Week 4

Week 4 stats:

Week 3 weight:   208.1 lbs

Week 4 weight:  205.6 lbs

Keeping on track! Down 2.5 lbs and things are coming around!

Week 4 thoughts


I’m keeping my caloric deficit pretty aggressive. The fat is coming off nicely AND my strength is actually improving. I’m beginning to wonder if there is something to the Red Supplement line. As you may know, I am also taking:

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It’s been pretty sweet, I must say! Leaning out and getting stronger? Pretty damn close to the nexus if you ask me! I’m liking what I’m seeing all around from the program and to what the supplements are bringing to the table.


The people at the gym are starting to notice the changes! I was stopped a couple times this week by random gym people complimenting me on my physique. There was a guy and a girl this week who both said the same thing. They said it looks like you came right out of a magazine! That my friends was very motivating and re-assures me that I’m on the right track. I mean, that is the look I’m going for.

No surprise here, the reduced meal frequency was still an issue. My body just does NOT like eating so few times a day. Luckily it hasn’t been affecting my results too much (judging by the compliments I have been getting).



Squats, Squats and more Squats!!!

Because of my inability to do deadlifts without injuring myself, I tried to turn a negative into a positive. I have been hitting the squat rack in some form every day. On the days Body of a Spartan indicates a legs day, I do the BOAS leg workout. On the days it’s deadlift days, I have been instead hitting the squat rack for higher rep/lower weight squats and jump squats. It’s been fun but a struggle at the same time.

Fun because as sick as it is, I am honestly looking forward to killing my legs every day. A struggle because it’s not easy hitting legs every day. Luckily, I have learned to LOVE THE PAIN!


Wrap up

It’s been very satisfying to see improvement in a body part that has been a weakness of mine for so long. It makes it really enjoyable to hit the gym again and see tangible improvement in strength, size and the shape of my muscles. Again, I must really hand it to Body of a Spartan for really pushing me through my own mental blocks with regard to my own physical limitations. It just goes to show that a little mind over matter really can go a long way!


I’m really starting to become a believer in this program.

I can honestly say that I would recommend Body of a Spartan to anyone looking to improve their physique as it has helped even a seasoned gym vet like me bust through some serious plateaus.

If you wanna take your body to the next level, I would give this program and supplements a try!!!

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Until next time