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Body of a Spartan Log: Week 3 complete



Thank you 300!

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Body of a Spartan Log: Week 3

Week 3 stats:

Week 2 weight:   210.2 lbs

Week 3 weight:  208.1 lbs

That’s a little better! Down 2.1 lbs and feeling tighter all around! much better week than week 2.

Week 3 thoughts


This week, thank God I didn’t have the same hunger issues as I had last week. It’s never fun trying to lean up and go into a deficit, and you are hungry and your body is crying for you to feed it. I’d only wish that on my worst enemies.

Other than that, I had my 2 re-feeds this week, which I usually do when I’m in single digit body fat and running a more aggressive caloric deficit. They did their job keeping the metabolism and leptin levels up.

Much like last week, there were only three days where I was able to follow the reduced meal frequency to a tee, and four days where again I needed to add another meal in the morning due to my body absolutely NEEDING food in the morning and not taking ‘no’ for an answer. Although the extra meal is added, I still keep the cals close in check. I’m not sure how Victor does it, but his whole reduced meal frequency has been the biggest struggle for me with his program.



I’m still loving the training portion of Body of a Spartan straight up Vanilla Ice ‘To the extreme‘ style haha!

The squat rack has become something I actually look forward to now. I damn near crave it. My legs have always been a weakness of mine. With my wonky back always hindering their development, it’s been a breath of fresh air not to be afraid of hitting them hard again. To my delight, I’m finding I’m starting to see some further development come along form it.

Dear Diary…..jackpot!

I am grateful to Body of a Spartan for forcing me out of my comfort zone, and challenging me to overcome some mental blocks when it came to doing heavy squats. I’m not gonna lie, there is some discomfort and pain, but it is manageable and thankfully is not getting progressively worse. What this tells me is that I’m not doing any further damage to my back, which is a good thing. It’s just a matter of dealing with the pain from the damage as a result of previous injuries. My back MUST hold up this time. I’m not giving it a choice!


Wrap up

The Spartan is elite. The Spartan is a warrior. The Spartan is not afraid of a challenge. This is exactly what this program provides.

A challenge.

Mentally, physically, emotionally. Much like the Spartan warrior, one needs to keep these facilities in check in order for the outcome to be victory.

In this case, the enemy is ourselves.

In order to beat any man, we must first be able to conquer ourselves.

We must rise up to become better than the mean.

Better than the way we were before.

Always ‘just better‘.

Be elite.

Be a warrior.


Allow Body of a Spartan to take you there.


Until next time