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Body of a Spartan: Initial Thoughts


Happy New Year 2017


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With 2016 being over and the holiday season coming to an end, it’s time once again to put the holiday mindset where it belongs (in the past) and get back to an intense, vigorous training regimen to bring my body back into ‘shoot‘ ready condition.

I am VERY excited to start a program created by Victor Pride from
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Victor is a guy who I have been very inspired by.

His ‘take no shit‘ and ‘never settle for anything less than excellence‘ approach to life, business, training and relationships has really resonated with me over the years I have followed him.  I found that I had been naturally implementing a lot of his philosophies, and it was refreshing to hear someone who thought the same way as I, put those thoughts into written words.


Initial Thoughts


After reading through the program, I found that it is certainly different from a lot of the training programs floating around out there in cyberspace.  It is certainly VERY different from the way I have been training for the last couple years and for my last photoshoot.  While I’m not going to give away any of the content in the program in order to preserve it’s integrity, I can tell you that the different set amounts, rep/weight ranges and focus areas are very intriguing to me going forward.


The diet is very simple, but is also going to take some getting used to. It too is QUITE different from how I normally eat.


I am both excited and afraid of how my body is going to react to such a monumental change in training and diet style. Having to do more photoshoots in the near future, I NEED to get into ‘shoot ready’ condition in short order.


To that end, I sure hope the program works for me.


I will be updating my progress as I move along. It will include major thoughts/feelings, progressions/setbacks and mental/physical changes that will occur throughout the duration of the program.

It will not include things such as how much I’m lifting or what I’m eating, but it will include all supplements I’m taking , average caloric intake, and any deviations from the program (again to preserve it’s integrity). It will also include before and after pics as well as documented PROOF of body compositional changes. DEXA body composition scans will be done to document these changes.


All in all I’m VERY excited to start this program and turn my body into the…..



Till next time