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Body Fat Composition Scan: Results are in


My commitment to YOU…


To bring you dead honest reviews. Introduce useful-practical information to help drive you on your quest to achieve the Body, Mind and Soul of your dreams.  I’m here to do the dirty work for you. To unearth and test products that give tangible, life-changing results!


To prepare for my next training program review, and provide accurate, REAL-WORLD results (not just anecdotal bullshit reviews), it is my standard to do a pre-program Body Composition Scan. This will serve as the baseline ‘before‘ stats that will be compared to the ‘after‘ program Body Composition Scan to see what body composition changes occur.


So here it is. Results from after the dirty holiday season.


Drum Roll please…


The key stats are (if you can’t quite make out the numbers on the pic):

Lean Mass: 178.0 lbs

Fat Mass: 19.6 lbs

Total Mass: 205.5 lbs

Body Fat %:  9.9


It actually came in a bit lower than I thought it would be. Not bad after letting my hair down a bit this holiday season. But tons of room for improvement to be ‘shoot‘ ready.


The full Body Scan report was eight pages long and very detailed. It gives you:

  • Bone Density: Overall and major individual bones
  • Lean mass
  • Fat mass
  • Total mass
  • Fat %
  • Full body composition of each individual body part
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Resting Metabolic rate (calories burned if you just rested all day)
  • Lean mass Balance: Body composition comparison between the left and right side of your body
  • Android/Gynoid ratio: ratio of abdominal fat to hip/thigh fat


Other key values of interest were:

Resting metabolic Rate: 2,018 cal/day (useful for calculating caloric intake for fat loss/ weight gain)

Android/Gynoid ratio: 1.04 (bottom value on pic)



This ratio was the only bit of concern that came out of the scan for me.

I came in at 1.04

Ideally it should be below 1.0

The reason behind this is because the android (abdominal fat) is directly related to visceral fat. More visceral fat is a result of the organs insulating themselves from toxins by covering them in fat. It’s your body’s defence mechanism but it can also impair the function of some organs. So visceral fat is bad.

I was just over the cusp ratio of 1.0, but it’s an area I’d like to see improvement in. No drinking after New Years should help a lot!


Lastly, a big shout out to Glenwood Radiology.

Glenwood Radiology 

I highly recommend them if you are interested in getting your own scan done and you’re in or around the Edmonton area.


So there you have it.

Time to dial it in.

Time to get shredded.

Let’s make 2017 the best year yet.


Yours Truly